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    on receiving your
    Your Passage to Fun Certificate!


It's time to prepare for a fantastic luxury cruise for two! Spend some time reading your certificate and exploring this web site. You should find all the answers to your questions here in the Port, Terms and Conditions, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages.

Then, choose your departure port and activate your certificate today!

Enjoy the gorgeous beaches and excursions that are available to you.

These modern cruise ships have all the amenities that you can possibly imagine and we're sure that there will also be a few surprises along the way.

Every corner you turn on the ship will simply delight and excite you.

Interested in exploring the ocean in far away places? Then just do it. There simply is no end to the entertainment you can choose or do.

Something you've always fancied? Then give it a go. Enjoy your Passage to Fun. Switch off from the monotony of day to day living and take the family on a cruise!

All you have to do is find the one that fits your needs or desires and then activate your certificate. We will be happy to explain to you all of the possible upgrade available on your cruise and assist you in attaining the cruise vacation of your dreams.

Please Note: While we make every effort to keep this website updated and current, the sample cruise itineraries listed on this web site may have changed or been discontinued by the cruise line represented without our knowledge.

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